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19 Best Marketing Project Management Software for Agencies in 2023

Best Marketing Project Management Software for Agencies

Are you searching for the best marketing project management software?

If yes, you’ve landed at the right place!

Launching a new product, expanding through new markets, or organizing a marketing event is no easy feat. What goes behind are months of planning and execution. If you’ve managed a marketing project before, you know that the word ‘calm’ is not in your dictionary.

Tasks are all over the place, and resources are allocated to multiple tasks and subtasks, making way for sure-shot chaos and confusion. Also, unclear project timelines further lead to missed deadlines and dissatisfying project outcomes.

So, what’s the solution? The answer lies in investing in the best marketing agency project management software.

A project management software for marketing teams enables you to handle deadline-driven teams effortlessly. You can juggle all the moving parts of a project in one place and put your marketing plans into action to achieve the desired results on time and within budget.

In this blog, we will explore the top 18 marketing project management tools that will help you deliver high-performing and successful marketing campaigns.

A Quick Look at Best Marketing Project Management Software & Their Key Features


Key Features


ProProfs Project

  • Seamless team collaboration via task comments and file sharing
  • Powerful reports to monitor team performance
  • Task management capabilities to schedule project workflows
  • Interactive project views such as Gantt chart, Kanban board, and more
  • Hassle-free client invoicing
  • Essentials - $2/user/month
  • Premium - $4/user/month


  • Customizable reports on individual performance and project progress
  • Gantt and kanban views to track progress
  • Seamless budget management
  • Task and project prioritization
  • Custom workflows to suit project and team needs
  • Available on request


  • Resource management to manage team workload
  • Task automation for recurring tasks
  • Priority levels for tasks
  • Ready-to-use marketing template
  • Project views to track progress
  • Basic - $0
  • Premium - $10.99/user/month
  • Business - $24.99/user/month


  • Trello cards that display task information
  • Dashboard, Timeline, Board, and Map views yo track progress
  • Advanced checklists to track what’s done and what’s pending
  • Built-in automation for tasks
  • Unlimited boards and power-ups

  • Free - $0
  • Standard - $5/user/month
  • Premium - $10/user/month
  • Enterprise - $17.5/user/month


  • 150+ pre-built connectors to third-party applications
  • Workflow automation to offload recurring tasks
  • Insightful analytics and reports on project progress
  • Resource management to optimize resource workload
  • Content review/approval for faster project delivery
  • Enterprise - Available on request
  • Business - Available on request
  • Pro - Available on request

Microsoft Project

  • Professionally designed, ready-to-use marketing project plan template
  • Real-time task status to always be updated
  • Powerful project scheduling for hassle-free execution
  • Interactive dashboards for smooth navigation
  • Automated workflows

  • Project Plan 1 - $9.50/user/month
  • Project Plan 2 - $28.49/user/month
  • Project Plan 3 - $52.23/user/month


  • Grid, Gantt, Card, and Calendar views
  • Pre-built automation for task management
  • Project baselining to stay on track
  • Unlimited attachment storage
  • Unlimited sheets, reports, and dashboards

  • Pro - $7/user/month
  • Business - Available on request
  • Enterprise - Available on request


  • Automations to streamline project workflows
  • 40+ third-party integrations
  • Customizable reporting dashboard for unique project needs
  • File attachments to tasks for easy access
  • Individual - $0
  • Basic - $8/seat/month
  • Standard - $10/seat/month
  • Pro - $16/seat/month
  • Enterprise - Available on request


  • ClickUp Forms to handle client requests efficiently
  • Proofing to receive feedback in real-time
  • Custom widgets for status updates
  • Docs, wikis, and more for team collaboration
  • Chat to discuss ideas and resolve roadblocks
  • Free - $0
  • Unlimited - $5/member/month
  • Business - $12/member/month
  • Business Plus - $19/member/month
  • Entreprise - Available on request


  • Messages and real-time chat for hassle-free collaboration
  • Docs and files to discuss work
  • To-do lists to track work done
  • File storage for anytime access
  • Advanced client access for smooth client involvement in projects
  • Basecamp Personal - $0
  • Basecamp Business - $99/month


  • Workflow automation to offload time-consuming tasks
  • Time tracking to track team activity
  • Milestone tracking to track progress
  • Messages to collaborate with the team
  • Collaborative document editor for streamlined coordination
  • Free Forever - $0
  • Deliver - $10/user/month
  • Grow - $18/user/month
  • Scale - Available on request


  • Timesheets with Stopwatch Timer
  • Budget tracking to stay on budget
  • Detailed reports to measure KPIs
  • Actionable to-do lists to see all scheduled tasks
  • Gantt charts to track real-time progress
  • Classic - $5/user/month
  • Premier - $10/user/month
  • In-House - $20/user/month


  • Kanban board for increased task visibility
  • Custom filters for tasks
  • Mobile application to manage tasks on the go
  • Useful third-party integration
  • Real-time reminders to stay up-to-date with project progress
  • Basic - $0
  • Premium - $3/user/month
  • Business - $8/user/month


  • Automated workflows for easy task management
  • Read-only access to project information
  • Interactive sales dashboards
  • One-on-one and group chats to collaborate with team members
  • Podio CRM for better sales
  • Free - $0
  • Basic - $7.20/user/month
  • Plus - $11.20/user/month
  • Premium - 19.20/user/month


  • Gantt, Kanban, and Calendar project views
  • Project baselining to support effective project management
  • Hive Notes for meetings
  • Time tracking ability to monitor team performance
  • Insightful project reports for informed decision making

  • Hive Solo - $0
  • Hive Teams - $12/user/month
  • Hive Enterprise - Available on request


  • Time tracking to track team activity
  • Milestone tracking to track project progress
  • Kanban and List view to visualize projects
  • Messages to communicate with teams
  • Workflow automation to focus on what’s really important

  • Professional - $29/5 users/month
  • Studio - $59/12 users/month
  • Agency - $99/25 users/month
  • Agency Plus - $199/unlimited users/month

Zoho Projects

  • Gantt chart viewer to track projects
  • Create subtasks within tasks
  • Task automation for greater efficiency
  • Time tracking to track employee hours
  • Customizable workflow to suit team needs

  • Free - $0
  • Premium - $3.66/user/month
  • Enterprise - $8.24/user/month


  • One-on-one voice and video calls for improved collaboration
  • Store project files for anytime access
  • Screen sharing for better coordination
  • Get actionable insights with project reports
  • Seamless third-party integration

  • Free - $0
  • Pro - $2.67/user/month
  • Business+ - $5/user/month
  • Enterprise Grid - Available on request

18 Best Marketing Project Management Software for Agencies 

It’s not surprising that around 67% of projects of organizations that undervalue project management as an essential element for driving change result in failure.

Here are the best project management software for marketing agencies that help accomplish your marketing goals on time and within budget.

1. ProProfs Project

Proprofs project is a marketing project management tool

This simple marketing project management software makes managing multiple campaigns a breeze right from the start. It gives you and your team complete visibility into everyday tasks to meet tight schedules and budgets. The tool helps centralize work in one place and deliver successful marketing campaigns effortlessly. Moreover, it offers a free trial of 15 days that you can opt for to ascertain whether the tool fits your project and team needs.

Key Features of ProProfs Project:

  • Access project information at your fingertips on its intuitive dashboard
  • Layout your project within minutes with purpose-built marketing project management templates
  • Get nitty-gritty details of your team performance and project KPIs with smart analytics
  • Visualize projects with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, List, and Calendar views
  • Automate workflows for recurring or time-consuming tasks
  • Generate invoices by calculating employee’s billable and non-billable hours
  • Customize the dashboard to suit your unique project and team needs
Pros  Cons
1. Get a 360-degree view of all your tasks in one place 1. Lacks impressive third-party integration
2. Allocate your resources accurately for best optimization 2. Needs a robust mobile application to manage projects on the go
3. Make insight-led business decisions with AI-powered reports
4. Keep clients in the loop on how your projects are progressing
5. Improve transparency by managing all your projects on a single platform


Starts at $39.97/month.

Best suited for: Small, large, and enterprise-level teams

2. Wrike

Wrike is a project management software for marketing

Wrike provides a platform that lets you create campaign workflows, allocate resources, and track tasks in real-time. You can create unique folders to categorize your tasks and campaigns for easy access to project information. With its comment feature, the tool allows you to cut down on review cycles by commenting directly on images, videos, and HTML for better collaboration.

Key Features of Wrike:

  • Customize workflows for your unique project and team needs
  • Gantt charts for critical path analysis and baselining
  • Kanban board that break big projects into manageable pieces
  • Sync project information easily with shared team calendar
  • Prioritize projects and tasks to never miss a deadline
Pros  Cons
1. Get instant insights into digital marketing performance using custom reports 1. Can be overwhelming for new users
2. Forecast better and stay on track with budget management 2. Lacks clear and transparent pricing
3. View how your team is spending their work hours with automatic timers and employee timesheets 3. Lacks offline project management capabilities


Available on request.

Best suited for: Large and Enterprise level teams

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3. Asana

Asana is a marketing agency project management software

Asana is a feature-rich project management software for marketing teams. The tool boasts smooth onboarding and navigation. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to plan, organize, and follow crystal-clear workflows to deliver multiple marketing projects on time and within budget. Also, with its workload view, you can see who is overloaded and who can take up more work for best resource utilization.

Key Features of Asana:

  • Automate processes and focus on what’s more important
  • Turn project feedback into tasks
  • Set priority levels for tasks
  • Mark task status for greater clarity on progress
  • Customize project workflows with ease
Pros  Cons
1. Route requests, track approvals and eliminate ad hoc tasks within seconds 1. Lacks time tracking ability
2. Insightful project views to track project progress 2. With too many features, the tool can be overwhelming to use
3. Approvals to keep everyone informed about what has been approved and what is still in line to be reviewed 3. Not apt for handling multiple complex projects


Basic plan starts from $0.

Best suited for: Small teams, Large teams.

4. Trello

Trello is one of the best project management software for marketing

Trello offers a space that allows team members to plan, organize and manage the marketing task list across all your campaigns. Its visually appealing interface allows you to coordinate content creation, editing, and production with ease. Its powerful Trello cards store all your task information in one place i.e. assignees, due dates, and files. Moreover, you can integrate Trello with your favorite apps and manage all your project information on one platform.

Key Features of Trello:

  • Automate everyday recurring tasks with built-in automation
  • Drag and drop tasks and due dates to alter the project workflow
  • View key project metrics on simple and intuitive dashboard
  • Sort campaigns by unique and customizable Labels
  • Track task status with advanced checklists
Pros  Cons
1. Trello cards that outline task assignees, due dates, and brief 1. Doesn’t show task dependencies
2. Board, Timeline, Table, and Map view to track project progress 2. No offline access to the tool
3. An easy-to-use and customizable tool to streamline marketing activities from anywhere and anytime 3. Not a very scalable tool for agile projects


Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

Best suited for: Small teams, Large teams

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5. ProofHub


Trusted by more than 85,000 teams and businesses across the world, ProofHub is an intuitive and highly functional project management and team collaboration software that allows marketers to create innovative, multi-channel marketing campaigns, streamline processes, and define clear marketing goals. The tool offers advanced features like task management, time tracking, Online proofing, File management, Instant chat, etc. to allow marketers to efficiently organize and collaborate on all their tasks, from start to finish, from anywhere. Also, you can use ProofHub to save time by automating recurring daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. 

Key features of ProofHub: 

  • Divide tasks into custom workflow stages and visualize their status on Kanban boards
  • Plan projects and set task dependencies with Gantt charts 
  • Quickly exchange messages with individuals or groups through Instant chat
  • Assign, prioritize, and track tasks using Smart task management
  • Save, collaborate, and organize marketing campaign ideas by creating notes in Notebooks 
  • Label your campaigns as per their priority
Pros  Cons
1. Set task dependencies 1. Managing notifications can be overwhelming
2. Create custom workflows 2. No Google single sign-on
3. Board, Table, and Gantt view to track project progress
4. Real-time updates keep everyone in the loop
5. Simple learning curve
6. All project management tools under one roof


Ultimate Control plan is priced at $89 per month when billed annually, unlimited users are allowed.

Best suited for: Teams of every size from any industry

6. Workfront

Workfront is project manager software for digital marketing agency

Workfront provides a feature-packed platform for marketing teams of all sizes. It lets you bring teams together to accomplish shared goals and objectives. With Workfront, you can get real-time insights into the amount and quality of work being done across the organization. Besides, the tool is versatile enough to accommodate most project management techniques such as agile, waterfall, and more, paving the way for effective project management.

Key Features of Workfront:

  • Extract rich analytics on project progress
  • Manage and optimize resources with solid resource management capabilities
  • Automate project workflows across different teams and departments
  • File sharing ability for smooth transfer of deliverables
  • Centralize communication to keep team members on the same page
Pros  Cons
1. Crystal-clear workflow to keep team members organized 1. It can be time-consuming to set up a project
2. Seamless integration with Adobe marketing solutions 2. The Gantt charts are not very easy to modify
3. Demand management to plan, forecast, and manage demand for resources 3. The tool’s UI can be confusing at times


Available on request

Best suited for: Large teams, Enterprise level

7. Microsoft Project

MS project is a simple marketing project management software

Microsoft project is a marketing project manager’s best bet as it lets you stay in charge of all your tasks, resources, and deadlines. It has everything you need for seamless team collaboration and smooth campaign execution. Besides, you can personalize its marketing project plan template and get started with your marketing campaign project within minutes. Just tweak the project name, add your tasks, allocate resources, set due dates, and you’re good to go!

Key Features of Microsoft Project:

  • Navigate smoothly with simple and interactive dashboard
  • Automate workflows on the fly
  • Track projects with Grid, Board, and Timeline view
  • Build roadmaps for increased project visibility
  • Manage resources for accurate resource allocation
Pros  Cons
1. Integrate Microsoft Project and Microsoft Teams for powerful project management 1. Steep learning curve
2. Scheduling capability based on effort needed, project duration, and allotted team members 2. It is an expensive tool, making it unaffordable for small businesses
3. Monitor projects, portfolios, and resources with insightful reports 3. Frequent file compatibility issues with the tool


Basic plan starts from $9.50 per month for 1 user.

Best suited for: Large teams, Enterprise level

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8. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is marketing campaign project management software

Smartsheet is a marketing campaign project management software built to keep track of all your work in an organized way. The tool makes it easy to collaborate across the team by allowing you to create threaded conversations with comments in a sheet, specific row, or a piece of content. 

Key Features of Smartsheet:

  • Baselines to compare planned and actual statistics to stay on track
  • Set automated alerts and reminders for upcoming deadlines and tasks
  • Track where your team is spending their work hours with time tracking
  • Annotate directly on images and documents via comments
  • Set dependencies with Gantt charts
Pros  Cons
1. Complete visibility into projects with Grid, Gantt, Card, and Calendar views 1. Can be expensive for freelancers, startups, and small businesses
2. Report grouping and summary to get real-time project insights 2. The time tracking feature is not available
3. Client portals and dashboards to keep them up-to-date with project progress 3. Tool navigation can be a bit complex initially


Basic plan starts from $7 per month for 1 user.

Best suited for: Large teams, Enterprise level

9. Monday.com

Monday is one of the best project management software for marketing

Monday.com offers a platform that helps unify marketing processes and deliver projects on time and within budget. You can organize your marketing workflows and work together to accomplish set objectives with maximum ease. The tool’s reporting capabilities offer rich insight into where your projects stand at any given time. Besides, you can customize the reports to monitor your team’s performance.

Key Features of Monday.com:

  • Integrate with more than 40 third-party applications
  • Flexible tool to manage complex projects across teams and departments
  • Attach your files, photos, etc. to project tasks
  • Track time spent on each project task
  • Automate workflows and approvals easily
Pros  Cons
1. Track campaigns with high-level overviews such as Kanban, Timeline, and Calendar views 1. Has a steep learning curve
2. Build digital workspaces and keep everyone on the same page 2. Reporting capability is limited
3. Mobile application to manage campaigns on the go 3. Plans are not very affordable


Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

Best suited for: Large teams, Enterprise level

10. ClickUp

Clickup is simple marketing project management software

ClickUp is a free marketing project management software that provides a centralized place to manage sprints and adapt to evolving project requirements. So, whether it’s campaign tasks, resources, or due dates, you can store all details in one spot for easy access. You can set weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals and track progress using its project views. Also, schedule daily tasks and reminders to meet project deadlines effectively.

Key Features of ClickUp:

  • Streamline affiliate sign-ups and requests from clients with ClickUp Forms
  • Store all project information in an easy-to-access place on Calendar
  • Measure ROI at a glance with custom widgets
  • Increase task visibility with Kanban boards
  • Manage tasks with advanced automation 
Pros  Cons
1. Docs, wikis, and more for seamless team collaboration 1. UI can be confusing for beginners
2. Resource management to track resource workload for best optimization 2. Too many features that overwhelm users
3. Assigned Comments to establish clear task responsibilities 3. Does not offer agile reporting in the free plan


Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

Best suited for: Large teams, Enterprise level

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11. Basecamp

Basecamp is a marketing workflow software

For teams looking to keep better track of how their campaign execution is turning out, Basecamp offers just that. It provides a platform where you can align your goals and keep your projects moving forward. You can create project schedules, delegate tasks, and track the progress of each project no matter which city or country a team member is working from. Also, team members can message and chat with each other in real-time to address roadblocks instantly.

Key Features of Basecamp:

  • Easily access files with file storage
  • Track what needs to be done with To-do lists
  • Ease team collaboration with group chat
  • Ensure that nothing slips through the cracks with real-time task reminders
  • Backup data to never lose crucial project information
Pros  Cons
1. Docs and files to collaborate and get work done faster 1.No time tracking ability to track where team members are engaged
2. Crystal-clear project workflows to track project schedules from anywhere and anytime 2. Customization ability is limited
3. Improved team communication for better efficiency 3. Lacks advanced features for remote teams


Basic plan starts from $0 per month for 20 users.

Best suited for: Small teams, Large teams

12. Teamwork

Teamwork is marketing campaign project management software

Teamwork is a project management software for marketing teams that helps manage all of your marketing projects and initiatives across different teams and departments. With an easy-to-use interface, it lets you organize your tasks and bring efficiency to everyday processes. You can use task list templates to repeat your most frequent processes, offloading recurring and time-consuming tasks. Also, you can automate workflows and approvals for faster project delivery.

Key Features of Teamwork:

  • Track time and see how team members are spending their work hours
  • Send messages and collaborate with team members
  • Streamline client communication with Intake Forms
  • Generate bills and invoices without any hassle
  • Forecast budgets with budget management capabilities
Pros  Cons
1. Milestone tracking to oversee how far you are from accomplishing your goals 1. Poor CRM capabilities
2. Resource scheduling for best resource optimization 2. Lacks good chat functionality
3. Profitability report to track project revenue and estimated budget 3. It takes time to setup projects 


Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

Best suited for: Small teams, Large teams

12. FunctionFox

Functionfox is simple marketing project management software

FunctionFox is a marketing project management solution that helps you go from idea to action with maximum ease. It offers transparency into everyday processes, helping you gain visibility into resource workload and availability. Its integrated time tracking tools let you track time the way you want with billable and non-billable task tracking. Also, you can upload and access relevant files and share them across departments.

Key Features of FunctionFox:

  • Gantt charts to track project progress from start to finish
  • Communicate internally with ‘thread-style blogs’
  • Get e-mail alerts for new project requests
  • Track time to track employee’s productive hours
  • Optimize resource allocation with flexible resource scheduling tools
Pros  Cons
1. Budget tracking to track and stay on budget throughout 1. UI can be confusing and difficult to navigate
2. Powerful reports to track key project KPIs 2. Lacks a good mobile application
3. Reliable customer support 3. Does not offer affordable plans


Basic plan starts from $5 per month.

Best suited for: Small teams, Large teams

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13. nTask

nTask is best project management software for marketing teams

nTask is a complete marketing platform to handle the entire campaign workflow from start to finish. You can create tasks, assign team members, attach task files and add task descriptions to store all your project information in one place. Its budget management capabilities allow you to track project budgets throughout the project’s life cycle. Moreover, you can also automate reminders to be informed when projects are nearing budget depletion.

Key Features of nTask:

  • Improve task visibility across projects with Kanban boards
  • Access to custom filters to manage tasks your way
  • Manage tasks and projects with impressive mobile application
  • Automate recurring tasks to focus on more important tasks
  • Chat personally with co-workers to coordinate efforts
Pros  Cons
1. Risk management that helps gain insight into possible risks and mitigate them at the earliest 1. It’s not easy to attach large files to tasks
2. Create all-in-one project workspaces for teams for easy task and milestone management 2. Customer support is not very responsive
3. Timesheet reporting to stay on top of all your projects 3. Inadequate third-party applications


Basic plan starts from $0.

Best suited for: Large teams, Enterprise level

14. Podio

Podio works as marketing agency project management software

Podio is a solid platform that helps you track marketing projects and timelines without the need for juggling between different tools for different functionalities. With its easy-to-use interface, the tool seamlessly adapts to the way you want your team members to function. It offers visual reports that help track team efficiency and give an insightful overview of how your projects are progressing from beginning to end.

Key Features of Podio:

  • Track sales in real-time with interactive sales dashboard
  • Share files seamlessly with clients and team members
  • Visualize progress with dynamic card-boards and tables
  • Create reports to stay up-to-date with project progress
  • Integrate with popular third-party applications
Pros  Cons
1. Collaborate with team members via one-on-one and group chats 1. Not enough features in the free and basic plans
2. Podio CRM for improved lead management 2. Confusing user interface
3. Robust customer support and engagement 3. The dashboard is not easy to customize


The basic plan starts from $0.

Best suited for: Small teams, Large teams

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15. Hive

Hive is marketing project management software

Hive offers a single source of truth to handle all your marketing campaigns in one place. You can adopt ready-to-use project templates and modify project and task names, allocate resources, and define due dates. Besides, you can also create your own unique workflows and get started within minutes. Its team resourcing ability lets you allocate resources in the most optimized manner, eliminating resource overload during project execution.

Key Features of Hive:

  • Manage multiple portfolios with portfolio views
  • Collaborate with Hive Notes for teams meeting
  • Coordinate team efforts in real-time with Native Chat
  • Proof documents and video on the go
  • Set and view priorities for clear task responsibilities
Pros  Cons
1. Visualize work with Gantt, Kanban, and Calendar project views 1. No free trial version available
2. View and track baselines to stay on track throughout the project lifecycle 2. The quality of their mobile application is not up to mark
3. Accurate timesheets to track employee productivity 3. Cannot set task dependencies


Basic plan starts from $0.

Best suited for: Small teams, Large teams

16. Brightpod

Brightpod is one of the best marketing project management software

Brightpod is a marketing workflow software that helps run multiple campaigns with streamlined workflows. Its task management capabilities let you set up project schedules and stay organized throughout project execution. You can gain improved clarity on what’s pending and what needs to be done instantly using its powerful dashboard. Moreover, it integrates with the most popular third-party applications, making data sync easier.

Key Features of Brightpod:

  • View how close you are to achieving your goals with milestone tracking
  • Set up automation for recurring tasks
  • Track who is working on what in real-time
  • Stay on top of projects with editorial calendar
  • Customize project dashboard to suit project and team needs
Pros  Cons
1. Mobile access to manage projects on the go 1. Needs better reporting capabilities
2. Cross-project prioritization to get work done faster 2. Project scrolling can be enhanced
3. Easy to onboard and setup projects 3.Can include more collaborative features to coordinate efforts


Basic plan starts from $29 per month for 5 users.

Best suited for: Small teams, Large teams

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 17. Zoho Projects

Zoho projects is best project management software for marketing agencies

Zoho Projects is an excellent marketing management solution. You can create tasks, allocate resources, and define deadlines across multiple projects. You can even set inter-project dependencies, easing cross-project collaboration. The tool lets you keep your budget in check and deliver projects as per the set timeline and budget. Besides, you can leverage the Planned vs. Actual chart to ascertain whether you are going past set project standards.

Key Features of Zoho Projects:

  • Create subtasks for better task management
  • Get timely reminders for upcoming project deadlines
  • Set priority for tasks and get done with important or urgent work first
  • Collaborate on Zoho Docs with comments, etc.
  • Set up customized fields to suit project requirements
Pros  Cons
1. Project resource utilization for best optimization 1. Search functionality needs improvement
2. Powerful dashboard to track where your project is headed 2. Steep learning curve
3. Seamlessly switch between devices to manage projects on the go 3. Does not offer ready-to-use templates


Basic plan starts from $0.

Best suited for: Large teams, Enterprise level

18. Slack

Slack is a simple marketing project management software

This marketing project tracking tool provides a central system for seamless project management. It gives you the flexibility to manage multiple projects across different teams and departments working from different parts of the world. You can create project workspaces that allow you to collaborate with each other at a centralized place and accomplish projects with greater efficiency.

Key Features of Slack:

  • Share screen to keep everyone on the same page with conversation’s context
  • Integrate with popular third-party applications easily
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders via shared channels
  • Store all your project data securely
  • Simple and intuitive interface
Pros  Cons
1. Collaborate with team members via one-on-one voice and video calls 1. Limited file storage ability
2. Brainstorm ideas and organize tasks at a single location 2. Alerts and notifications can be improved
3. Track real-time performance data with ease 3. Can be overwhelming for beginners


Basic plan starts from $0.

Best suited for: Large teams, Enterprise level

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19. Clientvenue


ClientVenue is a top project management software for marketing agencies that automates web marketing project management. This tool is used to boost productivity in marketing and project management. You can manage marketing teams, goals, plans, strategies, operations, groups, and templates with this marketing agency project management tool.

ClientVenue allows users to create various items such as projects, tasks, templates, timesheets, reports, invoices, and marketing campaigns, and its installation process is easier than other similar apps.

It is simple to add customers, teams, portals, services, invoices, and projects. After logging into your account, you will be given instructions on how to add all of your data in a few simple steps.

Key Features of Clientvenue:

  • Render Projects
  • Team Management
  • Resource Administration
  • Stand-ups on a daily basis
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Time Administration
  • Integration of Client Onboarding Apps
  • Project Management in Real Time
Pros Cons
1. Users can use this marketing and project management tool to manage marketing workflows, marketing tasks, and marketing reports. 1. I have found no disadvantages to using this platform.
2. Keeping organised and on schedule is simple with ClientVenue, so you can complete your projects on time and within your budget.
3. This project management system can be used for web marketing by allowing users to accept marketing collaboration requests.
4. By utilizing this project management software that is intended for marketing agencies, you can alter elements of your website such as the logo, color scheme, and overall design to ensure it is cohesive in appearance.


Basic plan starts from $25 per month for 1 user with 2 seats.

Best suited for: Small teams, Large teams, Enterprise level

Must-Have Features of a Project Management Software for Marketing

Here are the prominent features that the best project management software for marketing teams should offer:

A. Task Management

For marketing teams, task management is essential to streamline processes and everyday operations. It helps create a crystal clear workflow that team members can follow, eliminating confusion regarding project responsibilities. With solid task management, you can plan, organize, and deliver tasks on time. Moreover, you can prioritize tasks and speed up project execution effortlessly.

B. Collaborative Features

For a smooth project run, communication is paramount. Marketing teams constantly need to interact with each other and collaborate on deliverables. Their work demands sharing files and giving or receiving approvals on images, videos, banners, or any other type of creative deliverable. This is where a tool comes in to enable seamless collaboration across cross-functional teams.

C. Budget Management

Frequent budget overruns are neither desirable nor feasible to sustain a business in the long run. But, marketing businesses often struggle with delivering project outcomes within the specified budget. An ideal marketing project management tool offers complete visibility into your budgets so that you can track your spending in real-time and always stay on track.

D. Time Tracking

When managing marketing projects, time tracking helps you understand which tasks are taking up most of your team members’ work hours. This helps manage resources and optimize their utilization, minimizing wastage of time, effort, and resources. Time tracking also helps calculate accurate billable and non-billable hours for hassle-free invoicing, making client invoicing painless

E. Project Views

Interactive project views offer increased visibility into your marketing campaigns, projects, and initiatives. You can track all this and more right from their planning to implementation and delivery. Views such as Gantt charts, Kanban board, Calendar view, and List view, help you get a high-level overview of resource allocation, due dates, and milestones.

F. Customizable Dashboard

Handling marketing projects demands adapting to evolving project requirements every day. With a customizable dashboard in place, you can react quickly to changes without any compromise on quality. Also, this helps team members to approach changes confidently and address feedback at the earliest, leading to better project outcomes and happier clients.

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How to Choose the Best Marketing Agency Project Management Software 

Choosing a project management software for marketing teams is not a cakewalk. However, you can ease the effort of looking for a tool by comprehensively mapping the key features of each project management software.

After all, when you’re ready to shell out money on software, it must return the value of the investment and help your team achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you decide to go in for a tool for your project and team.

a. Is the Tool User-Friendly?

A tool must be user-friendly for teams of all sizes and industries. It shouldn’t require any intensive training and must enable team members to quickly navigate and get work done. Also, it must be powerful enough to effectively manage small and large projects across teams and departments without a fuss. Watch this quick video to learn why use a simple project management software.

b. Is the Tool Scalable?

The scalability of a tool determines whether it is adopted by users in the long run. A company may start using a particular tool for its affordability when they are smaller in size and switch to another tool as they expand. This is because the previous tool fails to offer flexibility and versatility to incorporate projects on a bigger scale.

c. What Are the Features Specific to My Project and Team Needs?

As a project manager, determine what features or capabilities do you need to accomplish your marketing goals. While some teams may need an efficient task management solution, others may require better collaboration functions. Ascertain what features you cannot do without and select a tool based on your requirements. 

d. Does it Support Team Collaboration?

No matter which industry you are from or how big your team is, collaboration is something without which your projects cannot have a smooth run. To avoid frequent team collaboration hiccups, choose a tool with solid collaboration features such as task comments to give instant feedback and file-sharing ability to transfer files with clients and team members on the go.

e. Will it Ease the Overall Project Management?

Talk about addressing the elephant in the room, right? Before you go ahead and select a tool for managing projects, think about whether the tool holds the capacity to ease your everyday workload by streamlining processes and easing workflow management. If the answer is yes, well then all you have to do is adopt the tool right away!

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Comparison of Best Marketing Project Management Tools


Pricing (Pricing/user/month)

Task Management

Collaboration Features

Budget Management

Project Views

Project Reports

Dashboard Customization

ProProfs Project $2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wrike Available on request Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Asana $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trello $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Workfront Available on request Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Microsoft Project $9.50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smartsheet $7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monday.com $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
ClickUp $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Basecamp $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Teamwork $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FunctionFox $5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
nTask $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Podio $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Hive $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brighpod $29 Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Zoho Projects $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slack $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Drive Campaign Results With a Robust Marketing Project Management Tool

Managing marketing projects is definitely not a walk in the park considering the back and forth approvals and feedback from clients. Successful project management involves adopting best practices such as creating a comprehensive marketing plan and analyzing resource workload before assigning new tasks to team members. It also involves leveraging the power of the best marketing project management software for your team.

With hundreds of marketing project management software in the market, choosing a tool that best complements your project and team needs is not an easy feat.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one project management software for marketing teams, then ProProfs is the right choice for managing marketing and creative processes from planning to execution. This intuitive tool can help you track, manage, and collaborate on all your marketing projects, programs, and campaigns flawlessly.

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